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    中文地址 英文地址

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    關于我們Nanjing DongRi import and export trade Co., LTD(NJDR), founded in June, 2003, is specialized in import and export chemicals to domestic and oversea market. NJDR mainly import chemicals from well-known worldwide companies and promote the products to domestic market with independent research.
    Our products include bio-enzymes, micro-biological additives, Optical brighteners, involved in environmental micro-biological additives industry, cleaning industry, water treatment industry, construction industry, etc. [More]...

    Address:Nanjing City, 5 new model of science

    and technology innovation building B1212 room.


    Fax: +86 025 52347152

    Email: NJDR2015@163.COM,

    Alibaba shop: http://eastsunglow.1688.com/


    Zip Code:210009