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    Contact Us

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    We are located in the beautiful Xuanwu Lake scenic area, the professional atmosphere of the International University Science and technology park. Welcome new and old customers and friends to negotiate.
    Office address: 5 new model road, Nanjing, Nanjing University of Technology, science and technology innovation building B 1212
    Office phone: +86 02552347151
    Sales calls: +86 02552347157 (in charge of the enzyme preparation, 3V products sales), +86 02552347158 (in charge of microbial, light touch enzyme sales)
    Fax: +86 02552347152
    Email: NJDR2015@163.COM
    URL: www.pintiezu.com
    Alibaba Online Shop: http://eastsunglow.1688.com/

    Code:25210000 Zip